how to play

1 ticket is 0.1 Nano. 1 ticket gives access to the daily jackpot AND the weekly bonus.

There"s no limit to how many tickets a person can buy.

The winner of the weekly bonus is picked every sunday at 8:00 PM (UTC).

Each day, 80% of bets are attributed to a winner, and the other 20% goes towards the weekly bonus.

The weekly bonus equals 20% of all bets from the current week.

We use a provably fair algorithm to pick winners. Learn more about provably fair

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do not send funds from an exchange.


What is Nano?

Nano is a low-latency payment platform that requires minimal resources; making Nano ideal for peer-to-peer transactions.

Are there any fees?

No. There are absolutely no fees. Nano spirit!

How do I get my Nano if I win?

You're winnings will be instantly transferred to your Nano address upon winning.

How are winners picked?

A random number is generated using ANU Quantum Random Numbers Server. This is the best way to generate truly random numbers.

What happens if I buy 1.5 tickets for 0.15 Nano?

You lose 0.05 Nano but that nano will still be included in the jackpot. Minimum bet amount is 0.1 Nano for one ticket, no half tickets.

How can I get entered into the weekly bonus drawing?

Anyone who buys a ticket for any of the daily jackpots is automatically entered into the weekly bonus.

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